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#MarketerLeads Talk with Sumedha Chatterjee, Head- Marketing, British Medical Journal

In this #Marketerleads Talk episode, We have Sumedha Chatterjee, Head – Marketing, British Medical Journal, a weekly peer-reviewed world’s oldest general medical journals. An astute marketing professional handling the marketing portfolio for a diverse set of online products. At BMJ, She is managing the marketing responsibilities of product marketing, market development, events, social and brand management for the B2B & B2C audience segments for the South Asian markets (9 countries).

Truth Revealed of Gangs of Social Media

You read a message sent by your friend mentioning riots or politically influenced news. Since he requested you to forward it to your near and dear so that it can be viral, Without thinking a second about the information factual, you pressed the forward button to send it 10 more. If you are the one, who does this on a daily basis. Read this conversation and the book to understand what all it causes you to promote such things without any harmful intentions ( but doing so much harm) A Book about fake news, irresponsible behavior, and people who promote it. In the era of Social media, where information is passed on with a blink of an eye, People should be careful and sensible to use the platform for a better purpose.

10 Most Funny ads and Amazing lessons

Humor always win but do it with caution. Touching religious sentiments do equally destroy your brand. So Choose Humor carefully. In this stressful life, One needs to be light enough to carry humor in their life. With such a short span time of advertisement seconds, creating impact and remembering ads is a tough task. Below are some of the crazy ideas, Advertisers tried and got great results.


Sales is an art and science, Deal with it carefully and you are the blue eyed boy or girl of corporate world or star entrepreneur, if you know how to sell, We all are selling one or other thing in our life, Sometimes Idea, Sometimes Offer, Sometime request to support and what not. Winners are those only, who know the game secrets. In this Post, We have recommended 10 top inspiring books to read. If you have read them, Share the learning in comments section, If you feel that these are next lot of books, you should read, You are on your way to carving yourself into a true sale warrior.