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Brand Campaigns & Customer Experience: Why it matters?

In conversation with Ramya who comes with a decade’s marketing experience across consumer goods, lifestyle & retail, consumer tech & mobility. She loves identifying & tapping opportunities to marry consumer needs to business creation and always sum her experience as setting or renewing the charter for brands like Titan, Nestaway & Bounce. In her new role at Zee5, She is a Category Head – Movies exploring new dimensions of booming internet entertainment space (OTT).

Why you should use Guerrilla Marketing more?

Guerilla Marketing is a smart advertisement strategy to bring the attention of the consumer when you don’t want to use the traditional way of marketing methods. This technique is used as a surprise and/or unconventional interaction in order to promote a product or service. Guerrilla marketing focuses on taking the consumer by surprise to make a big impression on the product or brand. Check out 10 Most Creative brand experiments in this post

#MARKETERLEADS TALK with Jasrita Dhir, Head – Brand, Marketing & CSR at Fortis Healthcare

Jasrita Dhir leads Brand, Marketing, Digital Marketing, and CSR for Fortis Healthcare group presently as an Associate Vice President. Her Forte is strategic Brand-management, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation & Adoption, Corporate Communication & Public Relations. In Conversation with The Marketing Soul, She shared her worthy experience, Read here


Sales is an art and science, Deal with it carefully and you are the blue eyed boy or girl of corporate world or star entrepreneur, if you know how to sell, We all are selling one or other thing in our life, Sometimes Idea, Sometimes Offer, Sometime request to support and what not. Winners are those only, who know the game secrets. In this Post, We have recommended 10 top inspiring books to read. If you have read them, Share the learning in comments section, If you feel that these are next lot of books, you should read, You are on your way to carving yourself into a true sale warrior.

Be Genuine In Your Sales Approach

We meet clients and propose your products or solutions. A sale is an art. You need to learn the tactics of it. Sometimes, you need to be diplomatic in presenting and Sometimes, It’ll be all struggles convincing the customer to view the benefit from your eyes. Sometimes it works, Sometimes It doesn’t. In whatever the situation you are, Be Genuine in your sales approach