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State of Marketing

Insights and trends from nearly 7,000 senior marketers leading through change

For the sixth edition of State of Marketing’ report, Salesforce Research surveyed nearly 7,000 marketing leaders worldwide to discover:

• Changing definitions of marketing success

• Shifts in engagement standards and privacy practices

• Evolving marketing skill sets and processes

• Unfolding data management strategies and tactics

Sales Force

  1. 84% of customer agrees that customer experience is as important as product and services. This has gain marginal improvement from last year survey (80%)
    1. 79% Marketers take initiative in customer experience
    1. Less than 50% track LTV (Life time value) of Customer

Marketers top priorities include innovating, engaging customer in real time, modernize use of tools and technology and their pain areas are unifying the customer data source and sharing unified view of customer data across business units.

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  • Team management

Marketers rated their team and 60% were satisfied with Communication skills, Creativity, Data Analytical Skills, Collaboration, Digital Proficiency and Agility scores in range of 50%-60%.

Under marketing transformation, 69% of marketers agreed traditional marketing roles limit customer engagement (37% up from last year)

  • Marketing is a team effort across customer journey.

For Brand building: 41% own it exclusively, 58% contribute and 1% not involved whereas for lead generation: 32% own it, 65% contribute and 2% not involved.

  • Sharing Goals

81% of Marketers share their goal with sales colleagues

81% of marketers have synced social media with commerce systems.

  • AI, Social Tools and Analytics are expanding roles

47% of Marketers will increase usage of AI

45% will increase use of social marketing tools

42% will increase video marketing tools

Marketers Continue Expansion Across Digital Channels, They will use more website, social publishing, display banners, mobile ad, OTT etc to capture user attention.

Source: 6th Edition of State of Marketing Report by Salesforce. Read full report here.



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