Marketing Strategies Post Covid-19

#MarketersLead Talks brings you the refreshing aspect of what sales and marketing mean shared to you by industry intellects. Continuing the series, In this episode, we had a conversation with Sheena Kapoor, A Marketing leader with over 15 years of experience in brand building, strategy, innovation, and marketing across Financial Services, Media & Real Estate.

An expert in combining customer insights, analytics & innovation to develop a sharp brand, communication, and customer acquisition strategy across digital & offline channels. In the current role as Head – Corporate Marketing at Edelweiss Group, driving marketing strategy & corporate branding across the group.

In her previous roles, She has been an amazing star performer with her clutter-breaking & disruptive campaigns across leading cos. inc. Unilever, VW, Tata Motors & others

Passionate about building brands, creating value & leading teams with a bias for action, Read the conversation What Sheena has suggested about Corporate Marketing, Marketing Trends, and much more…

<strong>Sheena Kapoor</strong>
Sheena Kapoor

Head – Corporate Marketing, Edelweiss Financial Services

What exactly is Corporate Marketing?

Corporate Marketing encompasses brand custodianship, building imagery of the ‘corporate’ or the company, ultimately serving to build awareness and affinity for the brand and making it endearing or appealing to customers so they eventually buy into the ‘brand’ first then the respective product or services coming from its stables. It entails building a long-term vision, tonality, positioning, and persona of the brand authentic to the organization’s core values, philosophy, purpose, and a differentiated strategy from the competition, such that ultimately over time it is embedded in the organization DNA, across its multiple products/ offerings, culture and resonates with its employees and target customers building advocacy and loyalty – the final reward for any organization!

Tell us more about your favorite campaign and outcomes?

There are so many frankly. A few of them include the ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ campaign – such an effective, original stance on educating people on safety concerns. Others being Nike’s ‘Da Da Ding’ campaign – a killer soundtrack with the ultimate ‘bad ass’ girl power energy or Wallstreet’s ‘Fearless girl’ or Volvo’s ‘Epic Split’ campaign and closer home the Fevicol’s or Happydent ads – I love these for the originality, quirkiness, timelessness and virality factor. I also admire brands like Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking Property or Amul’s endearing topical ads for their longevity and evergreen classic appeal. From my own experience am very proud of the ‘Edelweiss SME Loans Campaign with Irrfan Khan’ and our CWG/Asian Games Campaign with athletes – they are very close to heart.

New Marketing Trends you see post-COVID 19 and Will people shift the budgets to Online?

The pandemic has forced consumers to adapt and adopt a new behavior. Bringing ‘outdoor’ to ‘indoors’ accelerating hitherto traditional offline models to online – be it education, fitness, purchase driven by eCommerce and digital payments, entertainment, and increasing awareness of health, sanitation, and wellbeing. Some of these new behaviors have now penetrated the DNA and created higher stickiness. Consumers have embraced and consuming more content digitally – be it news, social media, OTT, gaming, or learning and are significantly led by the digital ecosystem across the user journey from research, identification, and purchase. Brands need to be more authentic, empathetic in their communication and outreach. They need to adopt newer models of offering the value proposition online seamlessly or O2O models and ‘DIY’ platforms – keeping in mind the convenience aspect and ‘on-demand services. Most brands have responded with changing digital strategies to induce a purchase, engage with customers, drive higher advocacy with online new adopters, micro-targeting their messaging, content and have even ventured into category extensions or articulating benefits based on health and safety constructs.

Digital will be a key component of the marketing mix with brands experimenting with moment marketing, leveraging social media influencers, microbloggers, and creating content around ‘virtual socializing’ as the new norm.

Sheena Kapoor

360 Degree Campaign. How should I decide on ATL vs BTL vs Digital to achieve the best ROI?

Media strategy must follow the campaign objectives and key metrics of the output expected and is a function of target segments/ audience, communication strategy, and the budgets at hand. The media mix will depend on whether the brand is looking to drive awareness, consideration, engagement, footfalls/ enquiries or time-bound tactical/ festive promotions or offers, etc. One must consider multiple parameters of reach, frequency, GRPs, TG, geography, budgets and accordingly devise a media strategy and approach.

If you need to hire me as a Fresher, What Qualities you will like to find to meet your expectations?

Keen sense of curiosity, enthusiasm to learn & contribute, a confident persona, good communication skills, being amenable to work and collaborate with multiple people and stakeholders. A sense of humor and a positive vibe is an advantage! – Attitude is more important than Aptitude.

The Marketing Soul is trying to build the community of passionate marketers to learn|network|grow? Your Comments on the initiative, please.

It’s always great to build a cohort of like-minded professionals with common interests or goals and helps in sharing best practices, build networks and learn and more importantly be able to help each other as a community. The key, however, is to create a platform that creates stickiness and engagement in an already overloaded digital arena and time-starved currency.

Fire Side: Answer in 1 word (not really 1 word)

Your Favorite Book : ‘Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle

If you could live anywhere, Where it would be: Spain or Croatia

Your Happy Moment: With family & close friends & whenever it rains 😊

One thing you can’t live without: Music

Who is your Hero: Sheryl Sandberg, Indira Nooyi, Elon Musk

What Motivates you: Faith

Who Am I: A Happy Soul 


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