Internet pe Azadi: #AtamNirbharBharat in action by 4 young Indians.

Our country became an independent way back in 1947, Now We are in Industry 4.0 revolution seeing regular technological advancement but still, we use apps made by foreign innovators. Are we not capable enough to lead this when we are deporting hundreds of IT Engineers to Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and many more. We are still not independent of internet apps and services. We are using all foreign-made apps and our data is stored outside India. Many times we have heard numerous stories about data theft. We are making them rich and now this is the time to join the movement #internetpeazadi launched by 4 Young Indian Champs, Namit from Uttar Pradesh, Prashant  from Bihar, Javed  from Assam and Shivkant  from Madhya Pradesh

Ideology makes all the difference, Inspired by the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi, These champs launched 4 Indian Apps namely METSIDE, BAAT, ADMISSIONLABS, METSHORTS. The other most important aspect is that data storage which has always been a matter of controversy between Indian govt and foreign partners. #AtamNirbharBharat is bound to give numerous placement opportunities to the youth of our country.

It’s a movement that is coming in your town this October. These young enthusiasts will be on INDIA TOUR for spreading awareness about Swadeshi Apps and using them.

Here are the Apps which they have built. Try them and you’ll surely gonna like it, That’s how Japan was built after a nuclear war with America. They built the product and every Japanese uses them instead of using foreign products thereby giving their contribution to improve their economy. We just need to commit ourselves for the better India.

Developed by o2n labs, these swadeshi apps are

1. Social media Swadeshi app METSIDE in response to Facebook

Metside is a social media platform that started in March 2020 has currently 20000 users.  Built with a vision that India should have its own social media platform which is made by Indians and made for everyone. India has near 50 million internet users and its increasing very fast. They are quite hopeful that by the end of this year, they’ll reach the landmark of 1 Million downloads through Swadeshi App Movement.

Metside allows users to share their photos, videos, quotes, products, polls, articles and discover new people – all in a single platform. Users will earn points for posting, liking, and commenting and they can spend these points as currency to promote their work.

Social media has been an important part of our lives but all of them are somehow outsiders like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and have so many limitations. Nowadays every kid above 13 who’s joining social media is either consuming content or creating content; in both ways they can earn points to boost their content.

Inspired by the tweet of Mr. Anand Mahindra’s tweet of 2018 where he emphasized on having our own desi social network. Prashant was freelancing then for some e-Commerce company and Namit left his job to do some good startup. Prashant heard about Cambridge Analytica and that’s the moment when they thought of creating a vision of making India a social media techno giant.

Our goal is to build a social network where you can discover users from any country, where you’ll see almost Spam free content, where you can get ‘Verified Badge’ easily without being a celebrity or an influencer, Said Namit Bhati, Co-founder

2. Admissionlabs – An amazon of Edtech admissions

Admissionlabs has been selected by GSF accelerator 2020.  With admissionlabs students can get admission in any course in any institute, college, university, and school at a lower fee with scholarship India and abroad. 

  •  Online admission around the globe

We have the system, to help you to choose your institutes easily. With the help of our rating system mechanism you can find your required institution in your figure tips.

  • Any course anywhere in the globe

Choose your course, and we will help you to get the best institution suitable for you. We are not bounded to any course. Now finding a course and institution is like a piece of cake.

  • Scholarship for everyone who deserves

We believe everyone have some unique qualities. So, we will provide scholarship to you for your institution based on your marks in previous academics.

  • Expert Admission counselors

Our trusted counselors all over the globe, who can help you to find the right college or university as per your choice. You can also have various recommendations.


3. Chat app Baat to compete Whatsapp

It’s a chat and voice call, a video call platform like Whatsapp. Users can chat, make groups, and create a broadcast. The group limit is 1 lakh on the Baat app.  It’s a made in India platform which is better than any other chat platform.

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4. Metshorts  in respond to tiktok

Love making videos or tutorial or memes, Metshorts is giving you platform to do all what you love.

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