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Building Online Presence is a vital part of your business or organization, and if it’s a Covid Scenario, it’s a “Big Yes.” It refers to the ease of your users/consumers to find your brand online irrespective of the size of your organization or the industry. 97% of consumers use the web to search for local […]

Top 50 Leadership Articles that will make you a Great Leader

Great Leaders are those who inspire by their actions and create a vision to achieve in the benefit of the organization to make it grow along with the professional growth of the team member. From Planning to Strategy, Execution to Budgets, Team Management to Operations, A leader has to look into every aspect to ensure the organization is on the right path. THE MARKETING SOUL curated top leadership articles from across the interest and from the top business portals like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Economic ….

Fundamentals of Building Trust in Business and Brands

A significant number of research papers and articles of recent times reveals how people across the world find it difficult to trust businesses. For more than a decade and half the Edelman Trust Barometer interviewed people across different countries to ascertain the degree of trust they have on Enterprises, Governments, NGOs and Medias, and what it discovered was an unequivocal acceptance of eroding trust, especially on businesses, let alone brands.

Mind and Muscle: 6 Secrets to Improve Your Wellbeing in Tough Times

Marketers’ life is majorly either into the field or into excels or word doc preparing budgets, ROI, or creatives. Long working hours, Fieldwork, not so good health practices to follow, We at THE MARKETING SOUL has taken this initiative to bring this topic #MARKETERSFIT to the forefront to promote healthy lifestyles for our passionate marketers. […]

Creating Strong Brand Positioning in your Market

#Marketerleads Talk purpose is to bring you some great conversation with leading marketers. In this episode, We had an interesting conversation on Brand Positioning and Market development with someone who is working on a unique concept – Senior Living Community which is pretty new in India. Meet Piali Dasgupta, Sr Vice President, Columbia Pacific Communities, a multi-award winning marketing and communications leader with cross-category experience