Speak to an Expert Before You Quit

  • Do you feel confused when it comes to taking a final call on deal closure
  • Do you feel helpless when you face roadblock situation in any deal
  • Are you the one who abruptly offers everything in the deal, still face problems in closures



Your important deal is about to close but suddenly you are bombarded with a new request from customers to provide along with the deal and you know you are helpless now and a deal is put on hold. You are frustrated and are clueless about what to do next to avoid failure on this deal.

You are still figuring what went wrong and put on hold by the customer. Understand the customer psychology first.

You need small research on your customer so when you present the deal to him you are prepared with and aware of what feature he’ll like the most, what can hit your sale say pricing, warranty, delivery charge, etc. Customer Study is very important.

Now coming back to Sale that got stuck, Speak to an Expert. Your Expert could be your BOSS, your Colleague or your friend whom you trust the most. I would suggest the boss here as, at the end of the day, he has that power to armour you with your’ Negotiation Shastra’ to clinch the deal.

expert advice

“3 Feet down the Earth”

A Rich person bought a 10 Acre of land as he came to know that there is a gold mine inside this portion of land. But, no one was sure about it. So being a rich Guy, he bought the land at a risk thinking that he would try his luck and if he didn’t succeed, He would dispose of it off by selling it. Finally, the day came when, he started digging the land, 1 acre, 2 acres, 3 acres…and the whole land was dug but to his bad luck, He didn’t find the gold mine. In his frustration, he sold the land to a junkyard guy. This guy had already heard the story of why the rich guy purchased the land and why he is selling now. So, before doing anything on the land, he hired a geological expert to gauge at what feet ‘GOLD’ can be available, and after that, He himself started digging.   Just ‘3 FEET FROM THE PLACE WHERE THE RICH GUY STOPPED DIGGING the Gold was found’. He Felt very happy and became the next RICH GUY of the TOWN.


Moral: Don’t quit until you have taken expert advice on the subject. It helps you derive the other angles, the missing approach, the final hit that could help you in achieving your goals. Sometimes, in our frustration, we quit or stop pursuing not realizing that Gold Mine is merely 3 feet from us.

Taking Expert Advice has its own advantage.  It adds experience to our career, the hidden intelligent quotient develops and you get to know the various other aspects of handling a similar situation in various different ways. It provides you with deeper insights which you might not have considered. Finally, it can save you from an embarrassing situation which you probably would have never known existed if you had not consulted the expert.


Make an Expert Committee: It is a good idea that to form an expert committee for your life where you can reach around 5-7 people who you consider your well-wishers. You must be sure that they will guide you in the right way irrespective of whether you’ll like it or not. Unbiased advice is a must for you to scale through a situation.  Make a list of such people whom you admire and can approach. Reach out to them; request them to be your mentor for life. Understand their professional life, Seek Opinions on various matter, Have a coffee with them, I remember a noting comment from Uncle who told me to be in the company of people above you, You’ll learn a lot, a lot from their experience, that itself will give you enough exposure to have different perspective of many problems.

Caution check: Before asking for mentorship be sure whether it is for a particular situation, or for life. There needs to be a meaningful purpose when you include someone in your expert committee to mentor you throughout your life. 

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