Why you should use Guerrilla Marketing more?


Guerilla Marketing is a smart advertisement strategy to bring the attention of the consumer when you don’t want to use the traditional way of marketing methods. This technique is used as a surprise and/or unconventional interaction in order to promote a product or service. Guerrilla marketing focuses on taking the consumer by surprise to make a big impression on the product or brand.

5 Smart Ways to Make Guerrilla Marketing impressive and deliver results

  1. Unconventional: Use Objects/Images and merge them with your product to showcase your product in a clever way. This helps in Memory retention of the consumer and brand recall is enforced.
  2. Make it Dynamic. Another way to do guerrilla marketing is to enlist unknowing participants. …
  3. Memorable: Use Funny quotient to make them laugh
  4. Interactive: Let them experience you a bit, by walking over, by touching your product showcase
  5. Avoid Miscommunication: Guerilla Marketing is like Gorilla only, overboard the communication, you are gone, Don’t use mixed messages, Be Clear in your communication what you want to express

We’ll see many such examples of brands using guerrilla marketing, Before you scroll down to see funny pictures, I want you to understand the pros and cons of using this technique. These are very practical thoughts if not taken care of in their due manner, you can face a lot of heat from consumers. So Understand the pragmatic and gloomy nature of it.

Pros of Guerilla Marketing

  • Catchy to grab attention

No doubt that Guerilla Marketing provides excellent eyeballs provided it is done with care and the message is clear. People on the streets are always in observation mode due to the nature of the place, Therefore Tactics like this truly do their job in creating an effective brand message.

  • Long-Lasting Brand Recall

Since Message brings smiles to people’s minds or if it is a message to society etc, people do remember such initiatives as it impacted their memory and thought process of the consumer. Any different experience has better memory retention.

  • Grows with word of mouth

People has a tendency to share the good or bad experience they have. Anything new catches attention and can be made viral through different strategies. Expressions can be captured of the audience experiencing the product showcase and can be utilized on social media to make it more popular

  • Creates popular advertisement spots

Hey! Did you notice that, Such an interesting concept? Have you seen people reacting to a particular thing and recalling whenever they visit the same spot again and again? They love to see it again and again and that’s how the positioning is created. This creates better brand recognition.

  • Cheap to execute

One of the cheapest ways of executing product concepts. It generally requires authority permissions, a great creative to do it all for you.

  • Creative Thinking at its best

Guerrilla Marketing tests your creativity as it demands user attention, If not take care properly campaign is tossed. It demands your openness to the idea, creative collateral, location identification, creative use of spot, Use of Characters involved in the advertisement. Be a great marketer, Share your new tricks in the comment section.

Cons of Guerilla Marketing

  • Mysterious Messages can be misinterpret

The only thing that you need to ensure is to communicate the right message in simple language or expression, Don’t overboard and mix the communication with different jazzy words, It may backfire, Make it simple, actually very simple to get great results. People love simplicity.

  • Permission with local authorities to use for marketing purpose

Depends on the local government bodies attitude, they may become your headache if they are not in sync with your idea, Some has reservations whereas other are proactive to showcase their roads, hoardings, spots in a different way. But Whatever you do, Have due permissions with you, otherwise, there could be a stance that they would remove all your efforts showcased in the absence of permission putting you in losses and efforts.

  • Grows Slowly

These types of advertisement needs patience as purpose of using this technique is to create brand recall and since this is experiential based, You need to be patient in getting branding results.

  • Highly Creative Marketing Communication

Campaigns needs high level of creativity in terms of concept, locations, material, tagline and what not, If any communication comes out to be generic and didn’t excited your audience, the purpose of using the guerrilla marketing is failed. This needs best creative minds to visualize first and then implement. You can see the advertisement shown below, how much creative they are….

  • Project Cost and Campaign viability

If project is not done at large level, Costing of one sample and gauging the analysis is not good in this format. As this grows over a period of time, Adopt this strategy only, if you have time.

Here are some funny yet creative guerrilla marketing campaigns to ignite your creativity. Learn the tips and tricks from these books to keep up your edge on it. Be Creative. Understand how creatively they have used the location, product feature, situation to make it funny and interesting.


Overall, Guerrilla Marketing is better than traditional marketing based on the product, services we want to use. The only point you need to remember is to be highly creative and patient in getting results. It produces great results with effective branding.

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Sachin Juneja | Author – The Making of Great Sales Personality ( in Top 100 Bestselling Self Help Books*)

Bring a Pleasant Surprise Smile to your prospect customer through your guerrilla technique, He’ll surely remember you at the time of purchase, – Sachin Juneja

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