Truth Revealed of Gangs of Social Media

You read a message sent by your friend mentioning riots or politically influenced news. Since he requested you to forward it to your near and dear so that it can be viral, Without thinking a second about the information factual, you pressed the forward button to send it 10 more. If you are the one, who does this on a daily basis. Read this conversation and the book to understand what all it causes you to promote such things without any harmful intentions ( but doing so much harm) A Book about fake news, irresponsible behavior, and people who promote it. In the era of Social media, where information is passed on with a blink of an eye, People should be careful and sensible to use the platform for a better purpose.

In Conversation with an Engineer having 2 patents on his name on semiconductors and Author of ‘Gangs of Social Media’ available on Amazon. Born in Karnataka and now living in California, USA, Vasimraja Bhavikatti took the time for us to have chit chat around Social Media and his first book.


Q: What you made you think to write on the subject- Social Media which is almost used abruptly?

Vasimraja: I was really getting bothered and frustrated by fake news getting forwarded on my WhatsApp groups. Especially college and Family WhatsApp groups. But more disappointing was, it came from people whom I considered to be more sensible, smarter, and super successful than me in their lives. I wondered what has happened to their intelligence and common sense and why are they behaving like this on social media. This motivated me to dig deep in fake news and reach to the root cause of this problem. I hope, I was able to address this successfully in my book ‘Gangs of Social Media’ and make people aware of this poison of fake news.

It is all about our irresponsible behavior on social media. And the way it has changed our society. – Vasimraja

Q: What is this gang is all about?

Vasimraja: It is all about our irresponsible behavior on social media. And the way it has changed our society. It will raise serious questions on social media users, social media companies, and government and their role in creating civil war using social media.

Q: As the topic revolves around Fake News, Give us some insight which you have covered in your book?

Vasimraja: I have covered the fundamental issue of human behavior on social media. How does the human mind decide what to forward, what to like, what to comment on social media? Why we have given up our common sense and intelligence to forward an unverified very obvious fake message that is the stinging question which the book will address.

Q: Doing viral is no more a buzz, you pay something and you are famous, Your Comments?

Vasimraja: It is the truth, but there is nothing hidden about it. Initial buzz can be created but it will sustain only if the work is good.

Q: Why one should read your book?

Vasimraja: I am sure every one of us either has forwarded or received tons of fake messages on WhatsApp. If you really want to know why we do this kind of mindless senseless message forwarding service, one should read my book.

Q: What are you currently working on

Vasimraja: I am currently working on my next book. ‘Gangs of Social Media’ highlighted the fake news problem on social media, which has gone unchecked for a long time. My next book will highlight another such issue that has gone unchecked for a long time and people have taken it for granted.

Reviews on Amazon

Priya bhadhuri, USA reviewed the book

Very exciting, fresh ,new and very relevant. This is such an awesome read, so relevant to what is happening in our society. I can feel the frustration of a common man with fake news , especially in the climax of the story. Every chapter has a link to the next chapter which builds the curiosity to finish the book in one go. I unknowingly have become part of the fake news gang, but surely, I will think twice before circulating anything on social media now.

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