Social Advertising Trends in Retail: 2020 perspective

Research Report by Smartly.IO

COVID-19 has shifted the digital transformation time from 5 years to 6 months. Everyone was supposed to be ONLINE to survive, whether it is business or entertained, It is all available ONLINE. From Kids to Age-old people, Everyone was supposed to come online to have interaction, whether it is Whatsapp calls to their relative residing abroad or kids taking online education. Smartly.IO did research on social advertising trends in RETAIL: 2020 Perspective to understand what lies next in the digital transformation journey and how social advertising is going to shape up for 2020.

Key Findings

  1. 50% of budget is now shifting towards social marketing
  2. Almost every company bought Facebook advt. Important to note, Facebook provided better ROI than other channels for most of companies surveyed (41%)
  3. Almost all companies intend to increase their budget on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
  4. 61% companies believe social media advertising is a time consuming process
  5. Almost 50% thinks that they’ll increase the spending budgets in 2020

Snippets of Report

  1. Apparel tops the social media spending following by home furnishing and hardware, electronics
  2. Currently, approx 25% of marketers spend approx 50% of their budget on social media marketing whereas 25% spend less than 25%. As trends are increasing, 21% spend approx 75% of their budget on social media spent.
  3. Facebook (96%) is widely used by respondents followed by LinkedIn (76%), Twitter (75%), Instagram(59%), Snapchat (33%), Others to the fact that 73% of consumers aged 18 to 29 use Snapchat and 75% of the same demographic use Instagram.[2] Meanwhile, Instagram reports that over 500 million people use its Stories feature every day
  4. Facebook is the top platform for ad spent where marketers (36%) are spending their budget Followed by Instagram(29%), LinkedIn( 22%) and others
  5. 41% of marketers responded to Facebook as their best ROI spend followed by LinkedIn and Instagram
  6. Almost everyone will increase their budget spent on Facebook first followed by LinkedIn and Instagram.
  7. 65% mentions they don’t use Social Media Automation
  8. Creating Content, Creative is the most time-consuming part of planning to post.

Source: Social Advertising Trends in Retail: A 2020 Perspective Report by SMARTLY.IO, Read Full Report Here

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