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“As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.” – Jonathan Lister

    Building Online Presence is a vital part of your business or organization, and if it’s a Covid Scenario, it’s a “Big Yes.” It refers to the ease of your users/consumers […]
  • Marketing Strategies Post Covid-19
    #MarketersLead Talks brings you the refreshing aspect of what sales and marketing mean shared to you by industry intellects. Continuing the series, In this episode, we had a conversation with Sheena Kapoor, A Marketing leader with over 15 years of experience in brand building, strategy, innovation, and marketing across Financial Services, Media & Real Estate.
  • Top 50 Leadership Articles that will make you a Great Leader
    Great Leaders are those who inspire by their actions and create a vision to achieve in the benefit of the organization to make it grow along with the professional growth of the team member. From Planning to Strategy, Execution to Budgets, Team Management to Operations, A leader has to look into every aspect to ensure the organization is on the right path. THE MARKETING SOUL curated top leadership articles from across the interest and from the top business portals like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Economic ….
  • Fundamentals of Building Trust in Business and Brands
    A significant number of research papers and articles of recent times reveals how people across the world find it difficult to trust businesses. For more than a decade and half the Edelman Trust Barometer interviewed people across different countries to ascertain the degree of trust they have on Enterprises, Governments, NGOs and Medias, and what it discovered was an unequivocal acceptance of eroding trust, especially on businesses, let alone brands.
  • Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends that will evolve in 2021
    #Marketerleads Talk in conversation with Ashwini Nair, Founder, The People Co on New Digital Marketing trends do you see happening in 2021? What should be the focus?
  • Mind and Muscle: 6 Secrets to Improve Your Wellbeing in Tough Times
    Marketers’ life is majorly either into the field or into excels or word doc preparing budgets, ROI, or creatives. Long working hours, Fieldwork, not so good health practices to follow, […]
  • Creating Strong Brand Positioning in your Market
    #Marketerleads Talk purpose is to bring you some great conversation with leading marketers. In this episode, We had an interesting conversation on Brand Positioning and Market development with someone who is working on a unique concept – Senior Living Community which is pretty new in India. Meet Piali Dasgupta, Sr Vice President, Columbia Pacific Communities, a multi-award winning marketing and communications leader with cross-category experience
  • Top 6 Reasons Why Storytelling should be a priority for Marketers
    What is great story? Who is a great storyteller? The first great idea to me is the sequence of events of a story. And the emotion it strikes among readers or listeners.
  • Marketing Strategies To Fuel Your Business Growth
    Marketing Strategies To Fuel Your Business Growth. Branding|Content Marketing|Analytics|Customer Real Insights by Marketing Experts on Online Consumers, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Read more What Aditi Anand, Head – Brand, Media, Digital at Nokia is suggesting….
  • Brand Engagement & Why does it Matter? Explained
    A Dialogue with Aarti Sharma, National Customer Manager, DIAGEO. A competent professional with over 15 years of accomplished career track of delivering, sustaining revenues & profits through her diversified profile and geography managed across India. Aarti has Lead a team size of 500 people with sustained business development.
  • Brand Campaigns & Customer Experience: Why it matters?
    In conversation with Ramya who comes with a decade’s marketing experience across consumer goods, lifestyle & retail, consumer tech & mobility. She loves identifying & tapping opportunities to marry consumer needs to business creation and always sum her experience as setting or renewing the charter for brands like Titan, Nestaway & Bounce. In her new role at Zee5, She is a Category Head – Movies exploring new dimensions of booming internet entertainment space (OTT).
  • Employability Skills & Industry 4.0: Bridging the Gap
    In this episode, we spoke to Vidhya Srinivas, Vice President, Corporate Relations at Universal Business School. An Experienced Professional with 17 years and demonstrated history of working in the education Management and Corporate and has handled 500 plus brands like HUL, Marico HDFC bank, Nestle, Coca Cola for corporate relations.
  • #MarketerLeads Talk with Sumedha Chatterjee, Head- Marketing, British Medical Journal
    In this #Marketerleads Talk episode, We have Sumedha Chatterjee, Head – Marketing, British Medical Journal, a weekly peer-reviewed world’s oldest general medical journals. An astute marketing professional handling the marketing portfolio for a diverse set of online products. At BMJ, She is managing the marketing responsibilities of product marketing, market development, events, social and brand management for the B2B & B2C audience segments for the South Asian markets (9 countries).
  • #MarketerLeads Talk with Paul Campillo, Director of Brand & Comms, at Typeform
    In this episode of #Marketerleads Talk, We have Paul Campillo, Director – Brand & Comms at Typeform who has an interesting career start as a social worker and then shifted to marketing. With such an inspirational journey and down to earth person, Paul Campillo took out time for us to share his wisdom of knowledge. Let’s hear from him more.
    In today’s story, we have covered an interesting book – THE INDIAN BOSS AT WORK: Thinking Global, Acting Indian authored by Steve Correa, an Executive coach, and OD Consultant with 30+ years of experience spanning several sectors, a majority of which have been at the Senior Leadership Levels (CXO) since 2000.
  • Understanding Integrated Marketing Communication
    The role of marketing communication is to deliver the message to our customers. Marketing communication is a basic and complex part of corporate marketing efforts. Marketing communication can be described as all the messages and media we deploy to communicate with the market……
  • Why you should use Guerrilla Marketing more?
    Guerilla Marketing is a smart advertisement strategy to bring the attention of the consumer when you don’t want to use the traditional way of marketing methods. This technique is used as a surprise and/or unconventional interaction in order to promote a product or service. Guerrilla marketing focuses on taking the consumer by surprise to make a big impression on the product or brand. Check out 10 Most Creative brand experiments in this post
  • #MARKETERLEADS TALK with Jasrita Dhir, Head – Brand, Marketing & CSR at Fortis Healthcare
    Jasrita Dhir leads Brand, Marketing, Digital Marketing, and CSR for Fortis Healthcare group presently as an Associate Vice President. Her Forte is strategic Brand-management, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation & Adoption, Corporate Communication & Public Relations. In Conversation with The Marketing Soul, She shared her worthy experience, Read here
  • Truth Revealed of Gangs of Social Media
    You read a message sent by your friend mentioning riots or politically influenced news. Since he requested you to forward it to your near and dear so that it can be viral, Without thinking a second about the information factual, you pressed the forward button to send it 10 more. If you are the one, who does this on a daily basis. Read this conversation and the book to understand what all it causes you to promote such things without any harmful intentions ( but doing so much harm) A Book about fake news, irresponsible behavior, and people who promote it. In the era of Social media, where information is passed on with a blink of an eye, People should be careful and sensible to use the platform for a better purpose.
  • Internet pe Azadi: #AtamNirbharBharat in action by 4 young Indians.
    Internet pe Aazadi: #Atamnirbharbharat in action by 4 young Indians. now this is the time to join the movement #internetpeazadi launched by 4 Young Indian Champs, Namit from Uttar Pradesh, Prashant from Bihar, Javed from Assam and Shivkant from Madhya Pradesh. Our country became an independent way back in 1947, Now We are in Industry 4.0 revolution seeing regular technological advancement but still, we use apps made by foreign innovators. Are we not capable enough to lead this when we are deporting hundreds of IT Engineers to Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and many more.
  • 10 Most Funny ads and Amazing lessons
    Humor always win but do it with caution. Touching religious sentiments do equally destroy your brand. So Choose Humor carefully. In this stressful life, One needs to be light enough to carry humor in their life. With such a short span time of advertisement seconds, creating impact and remembering ads is a tough task. Below are some of the crazy ideas, Advertisers tried and got great results.
    Sales is an art and science, Deal with it carefully and you are the blue eyed boy or girl of corporate world or star entrepreneur, if you know how to sell, We all are selling one or other thing in our life, Sometimes Idea, Sometimes Offer, Sometime request to support and what not. Winners are those only, who know the game secrets. In this Post, We have recommended 10 top inspiring books to read. If you have read them, Share the learning in comments section, If you feel that these are next lot of books, you should read, You are on your way to carving yourself into a true sale warrior.
  • Be Genuine In Your Sales Approach
    We meet clients and propose your products or solutions. A sale is an art. You need to learn the tactics of it. Sometimes, you need to be diplomatic in presenting and Sometimes, It’ll be all struggles convincing the customer to view the benefit from your eyes. Sometimes it works, Sometimes It doesn’t. In whatever the situation you are, Be Genuine in your sales approach
  • Speak to an Expert Before You Quit
    Do you feel confused when it comes to taking a final call on deal closure Do you feel helpless when you face roadblock situation in any deal Are you the one who abruptly offers everything in the deal, still face problems in closures
  • Social Advertising Trends in Retail: 2020 perspective
    Smartly.IO did research on social advertising trends in RETAIL: 2020 Perspective to understand what lies next in the digital transformation journey and how social advertising is going to shape up for 2020.
  • State of Marketing
    Insights and trends from nearly 7,000 senior marketers leading through change For the sixth edition of State of Marketing’ report, Salesforce Research surveyed nearly 7,000 marketing leaders worldwide to discover
  • Brand Marketing vs Demand Marketing
    Survey Report by Linkedin on Brand Marketing vs Demand marketing 3702 Marketers|9 Industries in North America, Latin America, Europe & Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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