Employability Skills & Industry 4.0: Bridging the Gap

Industry has moved to 4.0 and academia is yet to evolve and meet the pacing demand of industry to provide skilled graduates. In this episode of #MarketerLeads Talk, we spoke to Vidhya Srinivas, Vice President, Corporate Relations at Universal Business School on this very topic. Her Major role is a liaison between the Industry and Academia and works on projects like Industrial Research, MDP’s, Campus Recruitments. An Experienced Professional with 17 years and demonstrated history of working in the education Management and Corporate and has handled 500 plus brands like HUL, Marico HDFC bank, Nestle, Coca Cola for corporate relations. In her roles at education institutions, She has placed more than 1500 students in a span of 8 years. With her “Never say die attitude”, Read this inspiring conversation on burning issues around employability, skills, and industry demand.

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We have entered Industry 4.0 but employability is still at 1.0, Industry faces hard challenges to get right set of talent, your comments on this, please?

Vidhya Srinivas: Yes the Industry is facing lots of challenges to find the right fitment for their organizations. The current employability rates in India is about 46.21% of students where they were found employable or ready to take up jobs in 2019 -20. The challenges that the country faces can be divided into 2 parts

MACRO factors

  • Education system in India is primal and does not help seeking jobs
  • Experiential learning is not part of the teaching Pedagogy
  • Soft Skills and Technical skills are not taught from the beginning
  • Cross sectional and cultural learning is missing

MICRO factors

  • Parental Pressures, no freedom of choice in terms of learning
  • More emphasis on concepts that learning while doing
  • No space for creativity
  • Limited Enterprising mindset
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What are top 5 skills you would endorse any graduate to acquire for a successful career

Vidhya Srinawas: Top 5 skills that I would endorse for any graduate is

  • Personal Branding – Being Social and Using Social media scientifically, are two separate things. Being Social is making friends and Using Social media scientifically is where you create your personal brand. Creating your Personal Brand make take graduate a mile. LinkedIn is a great platform to create personal branding.
  • Networking – Network is Net-worth, the well Networked you are the better is the transactions and exchanges.
  • Proficiency in Soft skills and Technical Skills – It’s a key skill for all every Graduate to work on Soft Skills which include Grooming, Communication, and Right Attitude. Technical Skills along with subjective knowledge also including Excel, and other Analytics
  • Creativity – Keep working on NEW – Ideas, Places, Products
  • Awareness of current affairs must be a mandate

It is of more skill than a percentage, do you agree? What one should take exposure in their graduation days to make themselves as industry-ready professional.

Vidhya Srinivas: I choose to agree, but the current system does not support this. We need to have a decent percentage along with skills that would give us a better position to negotiate. The exposure that the student should go through his graduation days are as under:

  • Live projects
  • Internships
  • Shadowing
  • Research paper writing
  • Relevant Certifications
  • Participation in lot of curricular and extracurricular competitions

Universal Business School is a reliable source of sourcing good candidates. How UBS prepares its students who are rocking the world.

Vidhya Srinivas: At Universal Business School a Student goes through a complete transformation process. Universal Business School™ will consistently focus on blending core research and experience in the real world. The learning environment will make students directly encounter real-life situations which will test their skills, knowledge, and emotions and allow them the flexibility to react to developing situations, rather than merely thinking about the encounter and hypothetically responding to the stimuli. This will ensure our students becoming extremely aware of the contemporary business environment, as they step into the corporate world. This will enable them to become productive, from Day 1. Annual Symposia and Conferences, which we will regularly arrange at our Institute, will provide an excellent opportunity for students to hone their leadership and management skills, as they listen to global thought leaders.

We will be using several techniques and employ the latest available pedagogic technologies: Case Study Method, Shadow Techniques, Simulations, Experimentations, Industry Consultation and Experiential Learning Projects etc. These processes will ensure that our students have a rich learning experience. Thereby, empowering them adequately, to tackle with confidence the professional challenges, which they are bound to face, throughout their career. The objective being to effectively synthesize classroom learning, with real-life business situations.

Our Association with Business Scorecard – India, provides us an exceptional quality of Consulting and Training Service opportunities for interacting with leading Corporates in India. Our students will be exposed to world-class management Practices and Processes, as adopted by global thought leaders. These learning experiences will provide them with expertise as utilized on a day to day basis, by successful organisations, both in the private and the public sector. These benefits for our students, clearly differentiates the Universal Business School™, from other contemporary places of business managementlearning.

COVID 19 has brought everything online, How UBS is engaged in providing exposure to students in these critical times.

Vidhya Srinivas: The engagement levels have been exemplary. Online competitions, club activities, online games, and events. You name it and we have done it. Extensive corporate engagements, Mentoring and counseling, open houses, Parent-teacher interaction, the wellbeing of students all are part of the engagement mechanisms

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Generally, A CV has 30 seconds of attention, Can you share some insights on what a Fresher should take care to ensure HR give attention to it.

Vidhya Srinivas: A crisp and well-structured CV always grabs the attention of the Hiring Manager. The CV should be designed using the Principles of SMART- (Specific, Measurable, Achievable or Achievements, Realistic, Tactfully designed, and adhered to timelines/timebound) .Well, the skillsets, achievements, curricular, and extracurricular plays a critical role in assessing the CV. The opening line/objective/profile should be impactful. Apart from CV personal branding on LinkedIn should speak volumes of your profile.

The Marketing Soul is trying to build the community of passionate marketers to learn|network|grow? Your Comments on the initiative please.  

Well, that is a great initiative. We need forums like these to express, synergize, and cocreate. You are acting as a 360-degree facilitator creating a bridge between students, academia and industry. Kudos !!

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Fire Side: Answer in 1 word

  • Your Favorite Book: Who moved my cheese by Mark spencer Johnson and The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
  • Your Favorite Destination – India (the rural Bharat)
  • Your ME Time: Reading, Writing & Music
  • Your Happy Moment: When I won the best student award in my school and the prize was awarded by my mother and when I became a mother myself.
  • Who Am I: Fighter/Warrior

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