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Be Genuine In Your Sales Approach


 I believe, this is the most important lesson one can learn in their aspiring career is to BE GENUINE in their approach. We meet clients and propose your products or solutions. A sale is an art. You need to learn the tactics of it. Sometimes, you need to be diplomatic in presenting and Sometimes, It’ll be all struggles convincing the customer to view the benefit from your eyes. Sometimes it works, Sometimes It doesn’t. In whatever the situation you are, 


Follow these 4 important rules of the sales.

  1. Sell the right thing
  2. Need Based
  3. Aspirations Matched
  4. Rapport

Genuine Advice

  • Sell the Right Thing

You may be having a plethora of products and start pitching once you get an appointment as you don’t want to lose an opportunity to mention all the sales offers, products, and what not, but WAIT!
First, understand the client’s situation. First thing First,


How he is taking you?

Is he free?

Has he started a casual sales conversation?

Who all are sitting along with him?

What are his priorities?

And so on and so forth before jumping into your presentation. It is very important to understand the environment where you need support for sales closure. Once you have scanned the environment, then it comes to his requirement. Dig it as much as possible to understand his real pain area behind calling you, what he wants to get addressed, and only then start talking about your product and salespitch. 


Merely pitching any product may ruin your chances to get a client, So Stick to rule – Be Genuine in your Sales approach and push the right product to him. Some of the other things which you can notice in your conversation could be Pricing, Duration, Features, Need, etc which can help you make your sales offer lucrative in one way or another.

Once pitching starts there are 2 scenarios which are likely to happen:

A)   The Customer is happy with the product based on his need and pricing offered. Wonderful! Cross-Sell more at right time further

 B)     The Customer is neither happy nor dissatisfied.

Congratulations, you have marked your sales skills. There are times when we say ‘YES’ not based on current requirement, we say ‘YES’ keeping our future aspirations in mind or sometimes just to add another luxury or value for us. Now having said that, He’ll surely realize your amazing sales skills but may avoid you in the future for any sales transaction if product functioning is going great or not as per his expectations, so BE CAREFUL IN THESE SITUATIONS.


when a customer is unhappy it is a little tough situation. He is not happy with the product, pricing, and overall experience, here you are GONE. Once you customer is spoiled, He will bad mouth you, your product, and your company, damaging your referrals. This is the biggest setback you can have. There will be times where you would be true at your positions and sometimes the client becomes too demanding or greedy to extract the best out of it, or sometimes, just after purchasing the product, they turn back and return the sale changing their mood. You are free to take a call here but in a genuine scenario.

Play well,

Maintain Well and



Don’t sell to meet your targets, but understand their needs. Match the right product and then apply your sales tricks. Make him understand why now.  It can be price, product feature, scheme, customer need priority, etc. In Insurance this is even more important to take care of.  Most of the Insurance Sales agents just jump in to selling new products and once done, they become ghosts, that should not be the way to handle sales. Remember, if people don’t appreciate Sales Person, this is one of the reasons, Push Selling without need.


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Sachin Juneja

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