10 Most Funny ads and Amazing lessons


Humor always win but do it with caution. Touching religious sentiments do equally destroy your brand. So Choose Humor carefully. In this stressful life, One needs to be light enough to carry humor in their life. With such a short span time of advertisement seconds, creating impact and remembering ads is a tough task. Below are some of the crazy ideas, Advertisers tried and got great results.

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  1. Play With Faces and Bodies

Advertiser’s manipulation of faces and bodies can be very amusing because adding facial expressions that are funning not known to you but the one who is seeing you bring a good laught. It is not about laughing at people but laughing with people.

A nose is recreated on the side of these Starbuck coffee cups and a mouth with glistening white teeth on the bottom. This isn’t only clever and humorous but it adds value to the cup and will be used a few times over to share the joke. brand

Quizzing way to confuse

This bag is sure to get some quizzical looks and good old belly laughs out on the street. Advertising topical solution for nail-biting, a person on the bag appears to munch the fingernails of the person holding it.

Stop and Grow

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Old or Modern

Still, working to look awesome? It may be time to upgrade yourself, This advertising concept reminds readers to upgrade Windows 10 for fear of being out of date. A man adopting new hair style on the front side but has not updated his back head hair looking clumsy reflecting his old hair look still incomplete.


Play with perception

Incorporating forms of architecture works well in printing, packaging or signage- by showing the results of the product or loss if not using the product.

This brilliant advertising depicts how one can quickly go from having a full set of chops to just a couple of pegs. Appropriately promoting dental implant insurance it turns each bowling alley into a mouth with the bowling pins representing the toothed and toothless.

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This clever bus stop ad promotes hip hop music in Brazil. Didn’t get the idea, What’s the fuss about black circle. Sit here and you’ll understand.

Open your Mouth – Ha Ha Ha!

Best way to show that you are hungry, This Ad with wide open mouth banner on the entry of tunnel is good enough to bring your attention that a restaurant is near by


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Mixed Message

Mixes messages or double meaning has been been used numerous times to catch customer attention. Playing with words is very important in the hoardings as you have less attention span time. Punch lines do play a vital role in attracting eyeballs. The below ad of irish pub has done the same very smartly to catch your attention.


Ugly side to catch you

Marketing has an ugly side too, Looking good is always not good, Sometimes, Play hard and you got the message right is what beautifully explained in the below advertisement. Demanding its attention to the buyers specifying ad space is available and grab the eyeballs. These kinds of posters also help in creating a memory of a particular location making them popular

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